A brief list of my publications (most of which are unfortunately out of print now) and some of my talks and media appearances through the years:

Earlier Books

Unfortunately, most of these are out of print now

1984: ‘Seeing Green’: The Politics of Ecology
1988: ‘The Coming of the Greens’
1990: ‘Where on Earth Are We Going’
1992: ‘Save the Earth’
1991: ‘Captain Eco’ (childrens book)
2000: ‘Playing Safe: Science and the Environment’
2005 & 2007: ‘Capitalism As If The World Matters’
2009: ‘Living Within Our Means’
2013: ‘The World We Made’

TV Series

1990: Where on Earth are we Going?
1992: How to Save the Earth
1994: Sex, Sin and Survival
2007: Big Ideas that Changes the World: Consumerism

Archive Material

Schumacher’s Big Society

I recently got involved with a programme for the Radio 4 Archive, on Fritz Schumacher. It assesses the legacy of E.F. Schumacher and on David Cameron’s ideas of The Big Society.

E.F. Schumacher was once described as “one of the few original thinkers of the 20th Century” and was author of the seminal book published in 1973, ‘Small is Beautiful – Economics as if the people mattered’

The programme was produced by Chris Eldon Lee and was a Culture Wise production for BBC Radio 4,  broadcast on 25th June 2011. Listen again via the BBC.

Shared Planet

Brilliantly, Monty Don persuaded the BBC to let him make twenty four 30 minute programmes about population and our relationship with the natural world. My task? To explain what “sustainable yield” means – and why population is still a massively important part of the sustainability debate. Listen again via the BBC.

‘Greenest Government Ever? By No Stretch of the Imagination’

Published May 2015 (PDF)

The Sustainable Development Commission

The Sustainable Development Commission, which closed on 31 March 2011, held Government to account to ensure the needs of society, the economy and the environment were properly balanced in the decisions it made and the way it ran itself.

‘Green Liberties’ report

Published September 2011 (PDF)

‘Governing for the Future’ report

Published March 2011 (PDF)