Readers of this blog will know that I’m pretty passionate about doing what I can to ensure a Yes to Europe vote on June 23rd! And the most important thing I’m doing in that regard is ‘We Are Europe’.

The game plan behind We Are Europe is incredible simple:

  1. There are just two months to go before the Referendum on June 23rd – the polls are worrying, though I suspect that Obama’s intervention may impact that beneficially. But even more worrying is the analysis of who’s most likely to vote (older people, the majority of whom are in the Brexit camp), and who’s less likely to vote (younger people, the vast majority of whom are favourably disposed towards the EU).
    So the result may well depend on the percentage of young people who will turn out to vote on the 23rd.
  2. The vast majority of these young people have not been at all involved in the campaign at the moment. The only people young people are likely to listen to in this campaign are other young people and a handful of so-called ‘millennial influencers’.
  3. Hence We Are Europe, a campaign for young people, run by young people, to mobilise and inspire them to register, get stuck in and vote IN on June 23rd.

Three old lags (myself, Caroline Lucas and Tom Burke) have been involved from the start, have raised the money to get us this far, and have provided advice and support where that has been useful. And we’re now working with an amazing group of up to 50 young campaigners and professionals to get this thing up and running properly.

The We Are Europe website is now live. This is what you’ll see when you open the home page:

We are in for …. the travel, our rights, better cities and clean air; 70 years of peace; women and men, parents and kids; the right to love whoever we want; science, art, music and culture; our spare time and our work time; action on climate change and the fight against global poverty; food and farmers, protected wildlife and beautiful beaches; our friends and our families; and the freedom to live, study, work and play in 28 countries…

We now need a lot more support, in terms of money, time and spreading the word. So will you please help us in terms of getting this stuff out to all those young people in your life, particularly through social media? Twitter: @WeAreEuropeUK

And please, just as importantly, if you can, support our crowdfunding campaign at

By the way, I think this is the first time I’ve ever used my blog to try and raise money – from which you can no doubt tell just how much importance I attach to this campaign.