It’s hard to believe that the single most important decision that the citizens of the UK have been asked to make in a very, very long time, may all come down to two imponderable questions.

The first is about turnout on the day. There are still a huge number of people who are undecided in one way or another, and this could be the biggest single factor determining the outcome.

From the point of view of We Are Europe, if turnout amongst young voters is high, and turnout amongst working-class voters is low, then it greatly strengthens the chance of us staying in the EU. Vice versa, and it greatly strengthens the chances of us exiting the EU.

Which means that each and every young person’s vote really counts – as We Are Europe has argued passionately since the start of the campaign a few weeks ago. Here’s the latest video from We Are Europe, encouraging people to vote IN.

The second imponderable question is about the horrendous murder of Jo Cox. Inevitably, this has become a critical factor in the increasingly confused efforts of pollsters and ‘experts’ to read the runes for Thursday.

And I just can’t work out whether or not I’m wrong to put a lot of faith in this. I didn’t know Jo Cox personally. But literally everything I’ve read about her life, her work and her values, since her death, tells me that this is the kind of person who I hope will be leading this country through the extraordinarily difficult times that I know lie ahead of us – in our out of the EU, as it happens. And all the young people driving We Are Europe, feel the same, politically, viscerally, and personally at the deepest level.

For a lot of young people, their readiness to ‘turn out’ on the day will depend on the values and lived experiences of those who are urging them to vote IN – especially when set against the values and lived experiences of those who are urging them to vote OUT. In that regard, it’s impossible to imagine a finer and more inspiring role model than Jo Cox.    Campaign crowdfunder    Twitter     Instagram    Facebook