UPCOMING EVENT, 24th September 2020

Launch of Hope in Hell in New Zealand and Australia

Hosted by the Sustainable Business Network in New Zealand, this special event marks the official launch of Hope in Hell there and in Australia. Join Jonathon in conversation with Rod Oram, New Zealand’s multi-award-winning business and sustainability journalist and commentator.

Click here to register for this event, which will start at 5.30pm New Zealand time, 6.30am UK time.

To buy a copy of the book in New Zealand/Australia, in a special edition with a Foreword by Sir Rob Fenwick, click here.

UPCOMING EVENT, 17th September 2020

‘The Climate Emergency and COVID-19’ webinar for Members of ASmallWorld

Much of the economic disruption that COVID-19 is causing in the short term is very painful, and it will get worse, as unemployment soars. Travel and tourism is one of the worst-hit sectors, with the livelihoods of tens of millions of people already at risk.

Can we learn fast enough and creatively enough to ensure that this disruption opens up new ways of creating wealth in the future – more sustainably, more equitably? How do we nurture all the wondrous benefits of travel, particularly for young people who can feel their horizons shrinking around them, while shedding the heedless, exploitative tourism which has already caused so much damage to both people and planet?


UPCOMING EVENT, 16th September 2020, 5pm

A Special Scottish Launch of ‘Hope in Hell’

Join Jonathon, Terry A’Hearn (CEO, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency), members of the 2050 Climate Group and Alastair McIntosh for a special Scottish-themed launch of Hope in Hell.

The event will be held online via Zoom (but you don’t need a Zoom account to attend). You will need to register for the event in advance – please click here

Once registered, you’ll receive an email containing an access link. On the evening, click on that link and use the Meeting ID 960 8694 7363 and Passcode 736287 to join the event. Jonathon will give a short presentation, followed by discussion with those named above. You’ll be able to ask questions and contribute comments through the Q&A function.

Sustainable Food Trust podcast with Patrick Holden

Jonathon and Sustainable Food Trust Founding Director, Patrick Holden, discuss food and farming. For instance, how might differences of opinion between conservation groups and farming organisations have led to a separation of policy and public understanding of the relationship between food production and nature? On food and farming change, Jonathon explains why addressing food waste and reducing reliance on intensively-reared, factory-farmed meat are vital in maintaining a habitable planet for future generations.


First published by the Sustainable Food Trust, 14th August 2020

‘Hope, Rage and What We’re Going to Do About It’: Outrage + Optimism Podcast with Christiana Figueres

Christiana, Jonathon and the Outrage + Optimism team discuss the role that rage and hope play in pushing us to ask ourselves in light of the Climate Emergency, ‘What are you going to do about it?’

(Click logo for link to Episode 65:)

Also available on Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/2FnC48e

First published by Outrage + Optimism, 14th August 2020


‘Zoom in on Net Zero’ video interview for BusinessGreen

In the latest in BusinessGreen’s series of ‘Zoom in on Net Zero’ interviews, Jonathon joined BusinessGreen Deputy Editor Michael Holder for a wide-ranging discussion covering the challenges of Net Zero, and his new book, Hope in Hell.


First published by BusinessGreen, 28th July 2020

‘Gaia says no!’ podcast interview with Sumit Bose of Future Net Zero


First published by Future Net Zero, 27th July 2020

Why we may have a hope in hell of surviving the climate change challenge

Audio interview (with transcript) for Irish Tech News. Will we see a Green New Deal in the UK? Do we have reasons to be hopeful? And where does Jonathon’s inspiration come from these days?

by Simon Cocking

First published by Irish Tech News, 14th July 2020

Changing the Rules

Jojo Mehta in conversation with Jonathon Porritt

The Science Show

The Science Show is hosted by science journalist and broadcaster Robyn Williams. Listen again via ABC.