14. 03. 2016
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29. 11. 2017
How often have you heard something like this: ‘Well, the situation here in the UK may be dire, but things aren’t half as bad as they are in America!’ I’ve said it myself, mostly in jest, sometimes in near despair. But I had absolutely no idea how...
Government, Society, USA
09. 11. 2017
I still find it hard to believe that more people in this country feel we’d be better off outside the EU than remaining in the EU. For me, there are three main reasons for this astonishing outcome at the 2016 Referendum: 1. The Stronger In campaign was dreadful, a botched...
04. 11. 2017
You’ve got to hand it to the nuclear industry: they’re one resilient bunch of never-say-die hard-arses! By any standards, 2017 has been an annus horribilis for the industry, with one body blow after another, all around the world. And 2016 wasn’t that much...
01. 11. 2017
(With reference to my blog last week, the Sheffield tree story is now reaching a crunch point. Last week, Green Party Councillor Alison Teal was found not guilty of breaching Sheffield City Council’s injunction against protestors, and Colin Payne guilty only on a lesser...