14. 03. 2016
This is my own personal blog, and all the ideas and opinions you'll find here (good or bad!) are mine and mine alone.  
26. 04. 2016
Imagine that Resurgence didn’t exist. Imagine that you and a group of like-minded colleagues decided that the world badly needed a new publication that would have a number of critical ingredients: topical sustainability updates, campaigning news, an uncompromising...
SD History, Society
26. 04. 2016
Readers of this blog will know that I’m pretty passionate about doing what I can to ensure a Yes to Europe vote on June 23rd! And the most important thing I’m doing in that regard is ‘We Are Europe’. The game plan behind We Are Europe is incredible simple...
24. 04. 2016
What a gloriously ramshackle company EdF is! No company does anti-climax as well as EdF does – time after time! Last week, we heard French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron, all gushily enthusiastic on the Andrew Marr Show, promising that the go-ahead would be given ‘...
22. 04. 2016
This Friday will mark a memorable moment in the history of climate diplomacy. It’s when the world comes together in New York to sign up to the climate agreement agreed in Paris at the end of last year. Over 150 nations, including over 60 Heads of State, will confirm their...
Climate change, Politics