This is my own personal website, and everything on it is here to help illustrate the breadth of all the work I do in the world of sustainability. 


I’ve been in the world of sustainability for a very long time, so I'm familiar with those special moments of intensity that come along from time to time. And the Referendum result on June 23rd has certainly produced one of those!

I have to admit it still feels all wrong. In retrospect, the Stronger In campaign was pretty rubbish. Project Fear just got more and more hysterical, and the utter failure to address the immigration issue was a massive error.

The only redeeming feature for me was the privilege of working with an amazing group of young people in the We Are Europe campaign. We had some success (in terms of encouraging young people to register and get inspired about the positive aspects of the EU), but there was so much more that could have been done if we'd got going a lot earlier - and if Stronger In had realised its own inability to reach out to young people. 

All of which means that much of what I'll be doing from now on will be informed by the spirit of We Are Europe. And that includes:

  • My continuing role as Founder Director of Forum for the Future.

  • My involvement in a new, post-Brexit initiative called 'More United'.

  • My role as Chancellor of Keele University.

  • Any political work that I do through the Green Party.

  • My determination to keep on demonstrating a positive vision of what a sustainable world might look like - principally through 'The World We Made'. 

Jonathon Porritt