It gets weirder and weirder sitting here in the UK watching our Government systematically destroy the UK renewables industry, knowing that in almost every other country all the signals for the alternative renewables / efficiency / storage model are stronger than ever.

Indeed, the world is awash with upbeat versions of a totally transformed energy future – issuing from think-tanks, banks, engineering firms, consultancies, NGOs, UN agencies – the whole damn lot, in fact!

It was emerging visions of that kind that inspired me to write ‘The World We Made’, which has been out and about for around two years now. And I must say that the response has been incredibly reassuring in terms of demonstrating how a really positive, upbeat approach to today’s sustainability challenges can persuade people to get stuck into their own transformation journeys – often rather more effectively than via another great dollop of eco doom and gloom!

So it was fun doing an extended interview recently about ‘The World We Made’ with Barry Daniel of the Middle Way Society. He’s edited it into a podcast, here.

And despite everything this benighted, backward-looking Government is doing, I’m sticking to a ‘theory of change’ which sees transformation happening through powerful, positive developments on the ground as well as in people’s minds.