I’m down in Brighton this weekend to support the campaign of Caroline Lucas. To state the obvious, if Caroline is not re-elected in Brighton Pavilion, it would be a significant blow to the Green Party as a whole: there are few individual politicians of similar stature and integrity anywhere across the political spectrum, and she’s done more to help people understand what green politics is really all about than any other individual.

For that reason, over the last few weeks, I’ve been gathering names from ‘people of note’ to endorse Caroline as an individual candidate – without having to endorse the Green Party as a whole – as explained in the following press release and Statement of Support.

This was all featured in the Guardian today – and, inevitably, the Guardian chose to put something of a mischievous spin on it! There’s been quite a lot of negative stuff about celebrity endorsements recently.

But what really matters is how it goes down in Brighton Pavilion – whose voters will, I sincerely hope, recognise that in Caroline Lucas they not only have an excellent local MP, but someone who commands widespread support and respect across the entire political spectrum. Including our 40 signatories!



Broadcaster Sir David Attenborough lends his voice to endorse the UK’s first Green MP – national treasure amongst host of household names to support the re-election of Caroline Lucas ‘Regardless of our own political allegiance’.

Joanna Lumley, Billy Bragg, Lily Cole and Stephen Frears have also lent their support: ‘She is a strong and inspirational presence in Parliament … it’s crucial that Caroline Lucas, the Green Party’s sole MP at this time, should be re-elected’.

A HOST of celebrated household names have today united behind the bid to see Caroline Lucas re-elected as a Green MP in Brighton Pavilion.

In a remarkable display of support for an individual MP, a group of 40 leading campaigners, writers, actors, scientists, broadcasters and business people have called for Caroline to be returned to Parliament.

Legendary broadcaster Sir David Attenborough is amongst those to sign his support, alongside film director Stephen Frears, actors Joanna Lumley and Jeremy Irons, campaigner and youth icon Lily Cole, impressionist Rory Bremner and singer-songwriter and activist Billy Bragg.

In a joint statement, the group says that – regardless of personal political allegiances – they believe “our democracy can only be strengthened by maintaining such a strong and inspirational presence in Parliament”.

They add that, as mainstream parties struggle to address crucial climate and social justice issues, Caroline’s leadership in Westminster matters ‘all the more’.

It comes in the same week Brighton legend Dick Knight, former chair of Brighton & Hove Albion – speaking in a personal capacity – backed Caroline for re-election. Speaking on Wednesday, Dick said: “Caroline’s earned the right to continue her genuine commitment to improving our society – in the place where she will stand up and can be counted on to make a difference. I wish all MPs were as brave.”

Campaign Manager Adam McGibbon said: “Caroline has stood up for her constituents tirelessly and we need her to continue being our strong, independent Green voice in Westminster, to hold parties to account and press them to be fairer, bolder and more progressive, for a politics that works for everyone.”

Today’s full statement and list of signatories:


“Most of us are not members of the Green Party, and many are not much involved in party politics. But we all feel it’s crucial that Caroline Lucas, the Green Party’s sole MP at this time, should be re-elected in her Brighton constituency on May 7th.

Over the last five years, Caroline has eloquently addressed many of today’s most pressing issues – from accelerating climate change to sustainable farming, from human rights to a just and sustainable economy. This leadership matters all the more at a time when the mainstream parties are finding it so hard to address these challenges properly.

Regardless of our own political allegiance, we believe that our democracy can only be strengthened by maintaining such a strong and inspirational presence in Parliament.”

John Ashton                         David Attenborough
Phil Bloomer                         Billy Bragg
Rory Bremner                      Tom Burke
James Cameron                   Lily Cole
Mark Constantine                 Joe Corré
Joyce d’Silva                         Stephen Frears
Jane Goodall                        Katharine Hamnett
Jeremy Irons                        Tim Jackson
Bianca Jagger                      Tony Juniper
Satish Kumar                       Jeremy Leggett
Joanna Lumley                    Brian May
Kevin McCloud                     Alistair McGowan
George Monbiot                   Michael Morpurgo
Cornelia Parker                   Sara Parkin
Jonathon Porritt                   Diana Quick
Chris Rapley                        Gordon Roddick
Oliver Rowe                         Charles Secrett
Tim Smit                               Mark Steel
Mark Thomas                       Dale Vince
Tracy Worcester                 Thom Yorke

Each of us has signed this Statement in our personal capacity.