Ever since I finished The World We Made (more than three years ago now), I’ve been obsessed with the sheer speed of change regarding solar and other renewable energy technologies. It’s almost impossible to keep up with each new development/breakthrough/innovation – and I was indeed like the proverbial child in the candy store at last week’s World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.

And now I’ve got a chance to add just a tiny pulse of new energy to that extraordinary innovation pipeline.

I’ve been a huge supporter of an organisation called One Young World for a few years. So when they asked me to be a speaker at their first ever Environment Summit in May this year, at the extraordinary Biosphere 2 complex in Arizona, I leapt at the chance.

And that led to a plan concocted with both One Young World and Collectively (of which I’m a Director) to share my session there with two young entrepreneurs keen to bring to market an innovation of their own in the field of sustainable energy. Hence the following competition, launched on the Collectively site on Friday.