Rise Up! The Power of Young People

I keep thinking what it must be like to be a young climate activist in the UK today. Greta Thunberg, inspirationally, in one ear. Blustering Boris, with all his phoney rhetoric, in the other. Memories of an uplifting ‘coming together’ in Strikes for Climate and other protests in 2019 – more or less…

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Rise Up! Confronting the Climate Emergency

The thing you have to love about Greta Thunberg’s unwavering advocacy (as currently on display on BBC1) is just that: it’s unwavering. If you’re Greta, you don’t get to have a day in full-on Climate Emergency mode, and then a week off. But that’s rare. Even the most committed activist tends,…

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Recognising the power of young activists

My principal reason for writing Hope in Hell was the new-found sense of purpose that the Schools Strike movement and the XR protests had given me in the first half of 2019.

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