The State of American Democracy

How often have you heard something like this: ‘Well, the situation here in the UK may be dire, but things aren’t half as bad as they are in America!’ I’ve said it myself, mostly in jest, sometimes in near despair. But I had absolutely no idea how terrifyingly true that throw-away comment really is…

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Take Courage! – O Ye of Little Faith! – from Earth Day

I can’t say I’ve been the biggest supporter of Earth Day over the years. Not really into formulaic anniversaries, especially when every day should be a bloody Earth Day as far as I’m concerned! But the most recent Earth Day (on Saturday) offered up a rich feast of hopeful signals! 1. DRAWDOWN…

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Imagining a Non-Nuclear World

I found myself laughing rather too enthusiastically at a couple of jokes on last week’s Now Show (on Radio 4) about Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. Laughing in the face of the apocalypse may be a sound psychological survival strategy – or have I just become complacent about the threat of nuclear……

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