There’s a Lot Riding on The Global Plastics Treaty

On Friday 2nd June, in Paris, 170 nations signed up to an agreement to draft a Global Plastics Treaty by the end of 2024. This is a positive step on our journey to tackle plastic pollution.But don't hold your breath. The meaningful nature of the treaty is under threat. The fossil fuel and…

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Innovation in Construction: From printing concrete to Mirvac still changing everything

I really love it when what were once seen as completely wacky ideas cross that elusive threshold of credibility, and you suddenly find that everyone’s talking about them! And so it is with 3D Printing in the construction sector. For years, there have been little snippets about apparent…

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Lords of the Flies

Good news on the maggot front! One of the most fascinating contributions to our Innovation Showcase was a little company called AgriProtein. Its business model is splendidly simple: get your hands on a steady supply of organic waste (municipal garbage, rotting food waste or whatever); bring in…

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