21. 09. 2007
I have absolutely promised not to let this blog get population-obsessed, but I have absolutely got to go on the record to clear up any misunderstanding caused by Madeleine Bunting’s recent article in the Guardian (September 10th) about why most environmentalists can’t bring...
19. 09. 2007
Hallelujah! The great Professor John Marburger (George Bush’s leading scientific advisor) has robustly confirmed the principal findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – including the “more than 90% likely that climate change caused by mankind” bit. In his...
Climate change
12. 09. 2007
Politicians have always seized on particular instances to build swingeing generalisations about the state of society as a whole. For instance, I have a rather vague memory of what I think was described as “the war of Jennifer’s ear”, where whoever was in opposition at the time...
Crime, Politics
10. 09. 2007
2007 marks the 20th Anniversary of the publication of “Our Common Future”, otherwise known as the Brundtland Report, and widely held to be the foundation document for whatever sustainable development means and amounts to today. Most people have forgotten just how big a deal...
SD History
07. 08. 2007
Just in case there’s anyone out there pining for the next posting, this is just to say there won’t be any – for the next three weeks! I’m off on holiday tomorrow, back at the end of August, and I really do try and keep holidays as holidays.