24. 03. 2014


Saturday was World Water Day. I spent some of the weekend tracking coverage of all the different initiatives promoting and supporting WWD. For instance, Yahoo did a brilliant little film dropping the two OOs from the end of their logo to get people to imagine what their world would be like without H2O.

One of the most prominent organisations involved was Whole World Water – it’s still a relatively new organisation of which I’m a Trustee. It’s on a mission to persuade restaurants and hotels to stop using branded bottled water, to invest in their own in-house purification system, and then donate 10% of the proceeds from sales to the Whole World Water charity to invest in water projects around the world.

What I love about this is the elegance of the design behind it – both the social innovation in simultaneously addressing two massive sustainability problems (first, bottled water consumes up to 2,000 times more energy than tap water, and causes huge waste problems; and second, there are still more than 1 billion people in the world today who don’t have access to clean and safe water), as well as the product design promoting a beautiful glass bottle that can be used by hotels and restaurants time after time after time. Share a bottle of whole world water!

The campaign on Saturday was to persuade as many people as possible to ask their favourite restaurant to join what promises to become a massive global movement. For those on Twitter: please help spread the word and help give the #WholeWorldWater today. 

Otherwise check out the Whole World Water website.  Or check it out on YouTube.

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