11. 01. 2012

A Vision For Our Forests

We set up Our Forests in 2011 not just to keep the pressure up on the Government in terms of its disastrous sell-off proposals for the Public Forest Estate, but also to create some kind of a vision as to a better way of doing it. We felt that was important right at the start in order to encourage the Independent Panel (set up by the Government to dig it out of the hole it had created for itself!) to come up with something that had a bit of real substance.

Both these purposes are still very important. The Government still needs holding to account. Unbelievably, Defra is still refusing to provide any account of the meetings it held with NGOs to discuss its sell-off proposals at the back end of 2010. We put in our Freedom of Information Requests many months ago. So what have Ministers – or indeed the NGOs – got to hide?

More importantly, we desperately need some new radical and progressive thinking about the future of England’s wood and forests. I’m very much hoping that’s what you’ll find in the Vision that we’ve launched today.

Click here for our Vision document and here for the associated Press Release.

Click here to view my previous blog piece about the environmental NGOs' role in the proposed sell-off of the Public Forest Estate.

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22. 02. 2012
Julia Sorrell

I just love trees to draw and paint, and I find them fascinating shapes, infinite variety - the more trees the better!

I hope in my small way, to make a difference - to make people appreciate trees more



18. 02. 2012

From the shleamoldlrs point of view, we always try to adhere to the concept of sutainability. By the way the RSPO programme withRM 50m budget approved by the govt in 2009 for the shleamoldlrs is too far slow being implemented by MPOB. Not much has been done,except for the RSPO Awareness Campaign done in 2008 initiated and led by MPOA. By the way it was funded by RSPO, NOT by the RM 50m govt allocation. Too sad to say that the shleamoldlrs have been left behind as many of the estates had been RSPO certified very much earlier. Why does this happen? Only a few days ago, MPOB has announced publicly the RM 50m allocation for RSPO programme for Smallholders. As RSPO trainer deeply involved with the earlier stage of setting up the RSPO MY-NI, I'm deeply concerned to get the independent shleamoldlrs involved with the RSPO initiatives. Bear in mind the shleamoldlrs is a crucial sector of the industry, who produces 40% of the oil palm in Malaysia. Its about the livelihood of 130,000 shleamoldlrs !Faiz Abdul Rahman,National Association of Smallholders,Malaysia

15. 01. 2012
Simon Glover

Meanwhile the Forest of Dean Council are proceeeding with their plans to build on Statutory forest land having had the Planning Inspector approve them last week. The Cinderford Northern Quarter development of industrial, housing and a colllege is on brownfield land which is part of the Cinderford Linear Park and the most species rich area of anywhere in the Dean. 11 species of bat, 23 dragonflies, 4 BAP species of Butterfly, GC Newts, 4 reptile species and others currently unknown due to the inadequate survey work, acknowledged by the planning inspector.

The Glos Wildlife Trust, Butterfly Conservation, Bat Society, Friends of the Earth and others all feel this development is wholly inappropriate and if a proper environmental survey had been undertaken would not now be proceeding.

The land in question is now to be swopped by the Forestry Commission with the Council for an equivalent area of the LInear park for some reason already owned by the Council.

Should this land swop be proceeding when land sales are supposedly frozen?

SG 15/01/12

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