01. 05. 2007

Starting out

It is with some trepidation that I find myself posting my first entry on a blog all of my own, given that I am rather less of an enthusiast for all things virtual and electronic than almost all of my colleagues at Forum for the Future and the Sustainable Development Commission.

But trepidation is mixed with anticipation – there are so many juicy SD-related issues buzzing around at the moment. The increased coverage and interest is just great, but an awful lot of it does seem to be more than a little bit flaky – and not uncontroversial. And there is nothing I like more than mixing it on those controversies!

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21. 05. 2007
Mark Boulton

Great to see your new blog Jonathon; nothing more important than ensuring we all share the best ideas and do not reinvent the wheel.

Look forward to some cutting edge info on microrenewables and planning problems as the current planning system seems determined (in some cases at least) to make small scale turbine and even PV as difficult as possible to install at hoseholder level.

Mark Boulton, Cheltenham

22. 05. 2007
John Bond

Interesting comment from the Optimum Population Trust regarding not having children - being seen as an environmental burden. But there were people who decided on this course of action in the late 196o's, some of whome became the first members of Friends of the Earth....
Will this be taken into account when individual carbon credit cards are issued?

24. 05. 2007
John Henderson

Welcome to the blogosphere Jonathon.

I look forward to following your thoughts and as always value your insights.

Speaking personally, I am proud of my role in the Resource Efficiency Knowledge Transfer Network and the free business guidance, support and online collaboration tools we provide to UK business in promotion of advances in Resource Efficiency, however (while sincerely grateful for DTI funding!) I am at pains to preserve our editorial independence wherever possible. Our own blog at www.resource-efficiency.org is one great way of doing that. I will immediately be adding your blog to our expanding list of blogs expressing relevant views and opinions on the net. Keep 'em on their toes!

06. 07. 2007
Ron Brotherhood

I note the whole page in the Gloucestershire Echo listing and commenting on your many airmile flights around the world to spread the gospel of Ecology, global warming, carbon emmissions and so on. Is it not about time that individual apostles and members of governments came clean themselves and used modern technology, namely tele conferencing, to spread their views rather than gather in groups around the world - usually at exotic locations or grand hotel/conference centres costing millions of pounds of public money just to have a good old jolly and boost their egos. Their final statements are invariably only arrived at by wording that effectively means very little and the 'agreed' decisions result in nothing other than a promise to meet up again 'next year' at another flashy venue to continue the argument. No wonder the general public treat all of this fluff with cynicism and take little notice of the original arguments and people involved.

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