13. 03. 2013

Nuclear power: Serious pitfalls in the Coalition Government's current strategy

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It’s exactly a year since I wrote to the Prime Minister (together with three other former Directors of Friends of the Earth, Tom Burke, Tony Juniper and Charles Secrett), warning him of the horrendous pitfalls in the Coalition Government’s current strategy on nuclear power.

We warned of 10 potential problems.  In the intervening year, nine of those predictions as to what was likely to happen have all been borne out in reality.  That’s not because the four of us have extraordinary divining powers, but because the Coalition Government’s position has been fundamentally flawed from the very start.

Please do have a look at both our new letter to the Prime Minister and the accompanying press release.
I shall also be writing separately to all Lib Dem MPs.   Their reputation is gravely at risk on this issue: their conditional support for the Coalition’s overall position on nuclear was that there should be no public subsidy. 

That cannot be.  The ongoing discussion between Ministers and EDF have already shown that massive subsidies will be required to make this a viable investment proposition - for a company that is already hugely in debt, reeling from cost overruns on new reactors elsewhere, and rapidly losing favour in the eyes of the French Government. 

So what is going on in the minds (or even in the consciences) of Lib Dem MPs?  At what point does their cowardly turning aside from this unfolding horror story become outright, persistent and wilful mendacity?

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28. 10. 2013
Michael Cook

I am right behind you keep it up.

Have not his advisors as well as Ed Davey read 'Zero Carbon 2030'?

[Michael Cook]

24. 10. 2013
Graham Fyfe

I heard your contribution on the radio recently. I wondered if you are aware of
aneutronic fusion as pursued by Eric Lerner and his team, ref.:
This approach offers many advantages over tokamak fusion, and is in an advanced, experimental stage.

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