24. 07. 2016

More United

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To be honest, the last month has been just about the most depressing month in my whole political life, though I would probably have to admit to blanking a couple of Election results during that time!

So there’s obviously only one way to deal with any residual blues: help get some new political energy flowing that might really make a difference in the next General Election.

For today, just pasting in the press release about More United that went live at midnight. More follows soon!

“A new political movement to give a voice to the millions of progressive, open minded and tolerant people in the UK is being launched today (Sunday).

Inspired by the words of the late Jo Cox MP, ‘More United.uk’ rejects hatred, extremism and division, and will seek to financially support moderate, progressive candidates for Parliament, utilising the power of the internet to transform the way politics is funded.

‘More United.uk’ will not stand in elections, but instead use crowdfunding to raise money to directly support any candidate, from any party or none, who subscribes to its progressive principles, which include supporting a green economy, closing the gap between rich and poor, valuing diversity, supporting the closest possible relationship with the EU and making the positive case for immigration.

The organisation is backed by people from across society including businesswoman Martha Lane Fox, campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez, entertainer Luke Pritchard, journalist Dan Snow, Paddy Ashdown, environmentalist and Green Party member Jonathon Porritt and social entrepreneur and youth worker Josh Babarinde.

‘More United.uk’ is inviting people to express support now and will start the process of creating its organisational structures in September and October.

Martha Lane-Fox, founder of lastminute.com , said:

"It is striking that the immense capacity of the Internet to increase engagement, improve processes and open up the opaque has not yet been deployed in politics.

“More United is a bold attempt to create a new centre of gravity in politics using the modern tools of today.”

Paddy Ashdown, former Leader of the Liberal Democrats, said:

“More United.uk is a new movement setting out to change British politics. Our aim is to give a voice to the millions of open minded and tolerant people in Britain who feel the political system no longer works for them.

“Britain is at its heart a progressive country, but extreme and intolerant views dominate our politics more and more.

“Our aim is to help get more progressive politicians, from any party or none, elected to Parliament so that we can help to shift the balance in Parliament away from extremism.”

Caroline Criado-Perez, writer and campaigner, said:

"I’m really excited about being part of a movement that is putting the democratising force of technology at its heart.

“This is a thoroughly modern and progressive approach to politics and I feel confident that we’re going to be able to produce something entirely new. In the EU referendum the people voted for change: let’s give them what they asked for.”

Luke Pritchard, entertainer, said:

“A lot of young people feel let down by, and not in touch with the political system but are at the same time more politicised than ever in my living memory.

“More United.uk will use technology to create a place for like-minded people to come together and stand up and be counted in this increasingly extreme and volatile world around us. This movement can give a voice and a platform for those who wish to promote tolerance and togetherness.”

Josh Barbarinde, social entrepreneur and youth worker said:

“Moreunited.uk is a movement that finally puts people before politics. That's why I'm throwing my support behind it. Informed by this principle - and through its use of the Internet - it empowers individuals like the marginalised young people I work with to set the direction that our country should be going in.”


Notes to Editors

For press enquiries or to set up interviews, please contact Debbie Gore on debbie@moreunited.uk or on 07702223078

The full list of convenors is available on our website www.moreunited.uk and is also listed below. 

• Simon Schama
• Dame Janet Smith
• Josh Babarinde
• Lord Paddy Ashdown
• Jeremy Bliss
• Caroline Criado-Perez
• Clare Gerada
• Martha Lane Fox
• Gia Milinovich
• Maajid Nawaz
• Jonathon Porritt
• Luke Pritchard
• Dan Snow
• Lord Rumi Verjee
• Maurice Biriotti
• Sunny Hundal

Who are we?

More United.uk is a new movement setting out to change British politics. Our aim is to give a voice to the millions of open and tolerant people in Britain who feel the political system no longer works for them.

We’ll do this by using the power of the Internet to transform the way politics is funded, making it easier for moderate, progressive MPs to get elected and creating a new centre of political gravity in the UK.

We are not a political party and will not stand in elections.

What do we stand for?

Inspired by the words of the late Jo Cox MP, More United.uk stands for hope and unity, while rejecting hatred and division. In particular we stand for:

• A fair, modern, competitive economy that closes the gap between rich and poor and supports strong public services.
• A country that welcomes immigration, is internationalist in its outlook and seeks the closest relationship with the EU - including re-joining if that becomes necessary and possible.
• An open and tolerant society where diversity is celebrated in all its forms.
• A green economy that protects the environment and works to reverse climate change.
• A modern democracy that empowers citizens, rather than politicians.

Who can join?

Any UK voter or UK based organisation, from any Party or none, is open to join More United.uk. We are conscious of the need to create a diverse organisation that truly reflects modern Britain, and will proactively seek support from groups, especially the young who are under-represented by traditional political parties.

Who will we support?

We will support any Parliamentary Candidate, from any Party or none, who formally agrees to support our principles and who, as a member of our organisation, adheres to its rules.

How will we operate?

Our vision is to create a broad spectrum, internet-based, progressive political movement founded on mass participation with human and financial support from millions of ordinary people at a low cost of membership. Any donation of any amount, however small, will qualify for membership and members will be encouraged to contribute whatever they can afford.

By aggregating the strength of potentially hundreds of thousands of ordinary voters, More United.uk can provide game-changing financial and human support to a targeted group of progressive candidates, significantly increasing their chances of winning under the first past the post system, where local campaign spending is critical. There is currently no organisation in the UK that operates on this model would result in more progressive candidates from all parties being elected, shifting the balance of parliament away from extremism.

Over time this would result in more progressive candidates from all parties being elected, shifting the balance of parliament away from extremism.

More United.uk will create a two-way, digital engagement with its members, borrowing the best of the UK tech sector to provide an easy way for the tolerant majority to make their voices heard.

All key decisions of the organisation will be made through an internet voting system, based on one member one vote.”

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