18. 07. 2007

Manchester to London by Air?

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One thing both Caroline and I will be taking heart from is the news that the Manchester-London air route has seen a 10% reduction in passengers over the last year. The Manchester Airport Group attributes this to the increasingly lively debate about the impact of flying on climate change (see above!) and other environment issues, thanks to some rather smart marketing by Virgin - not only how much better it is travelling on the upgraded west coast mainline, but how much more environment-friendly. Interestingly, the Manchester Airport Group thinks things can only get worse (from their point of view), despite their recent decision to become a completely carbon-neutral airport by 2015.

This decision clearly had little impact on Macclesfield Borough Council, which has persuaded a high-level Planning Enquiry that Manchester Airport should not be allowed to expand onto surrounding (Green Belt) land – despite every effort on the part of Manchester City Council itself (which is the biggest shareholder in Manchester Airport Group) to secure planning permission to enable a massive increase in flights. The big guys don’t always win!

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18. 07. 2007

And with Graham Stringer now furious that he might not get his casino as well. Swampy might risk a wry smile.

19. 07. 2007
Sean Furey

But will the proposals in the Planning White Paper, make these victories a thing of the past? If we have a planning commission with a presumption for the development of major infrastructure, instead of Macclesfield Borough Council, will Manchester Airport expansion be inevitable? I'd like think that our democracy is healthier than that.

24. 07. 2007
Walter Menzies

In praise of Manchester Piccadilly station...there certainly are wannabe masters of the universe whose world revolves around a JG Ballard miasma of airports and business parks and alienation...they are the losers...virgin pendolinos to and from london are tilting fun...manchester piccadilly was completely refurbished for the commonwealth games and is light and airy...straight out into our original and modern city - five minutes walk from the wonderful, messy, vibrant northern quarter - five mins walk from the city centre - and well done to virgin for its attempt to lure the lost and the lonely from flying...nothing is ever black and white though...SD warriors not on corporate expenses just need to be careful about virgin's ticketing - there are advance bargains to be had but walk- on manchester-london fares can be eyewateringly expensive.

24. 07. 2007
walter menzies

yes well, it is worth pointing out to the lost and the lonely who fly manchester to london just what an enjoyable train journey it can be...in striking contrast to the alienating jg ballard world of airports
manchester piccadilly station is a light airy and uplifting station...it was refurbished for the commonwealth games and has not deteriorated apart from a tacky sock shop in the middle of the concourse...and on leaving piccadilly one is straight into the city...five minutes walk to the city centre or to canal street and the gay village or to the edgy northern quarter...an exemplar of urban vitality or as we like to say in manchester...original / modern...being more sustainable can be enjoyable...SD warriors just need to watch Virgin fares structure though...book well in advance...walk up fares can be an eyewatering rip-off

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