07. 08. 2007

Holiday Time

Just in case there’s anyone out there pining for the next posting, this is just to say there won’t be any – for the next three weeks!

I’m off on holiday tomorrow, back at the end of August, and I really do try and keep holidays as holidays.

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07. 08. 2007

Where to? And how?

10. 08. 2007

Going to Dorset myself Jonathon.

Still have not seen most of my own very beautiful country. There's so much variety here.

Its good to spend my money here and not use up a lot of time travelling a long distance...

Would be interested in where you went, how and why.

17. 08. 2007


As you should already know from reading Jonathon's previous replies to you, he takes his holidays in the UK. As for exactly where and his method of transport - I'm not sure that's any of your business! However, his form of transport is unlikely to involve a plane, so you can sleep easy and maybe spend the next few weeks moralising against someone else.

29. 08. 2007
Stuart Singleton-White

Dear Jonathon,

I hope you had a good holiday and are duly rested and revitalised. I was wondering what your thoughts are about the reference to your support for The Optimum Population Trust in the latest edition of the New Statesmen (27 August 2007). In the Observations section Brendan O’Neill tries to link environmentalist arguments with the extreme right by claiming the need to deal with issues such as population growth are akin to the anti-immigration rhetoric of the far right. He cites the policies of The Optimum Population Trust and singles you out as a supporter. I consider this to be a gross misrepresentation of the situation. As environmentalists we can not all be held responsible for the mis-representation of our views, opinions and policies by groups and political movements such as the far right. But we can continue to state the facts and further our arguments based upon evidence. I’d be interested to know your views on this.

Best wishes,

31. 08. 2007
John Dinsdale

When you return from your hoilday could you comment on the sunday times piece on the future of the countryside?


31. 08. 2007


The way you write suggests Jonathon's mode of transport was in the mile-high club, with you.

As you are not sure his mode of transport is any of my business, I can clarify for you that it is.

Make it your business to question every flight too.

You have been moralised.

12. 10. 2007

Re Oliver's comment - Isn't moralising what most greens tend to do? And isn't it something which greens ought to do?

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