14. 03. 2016
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04. 07. 2019
I was asked recently about the point at which I decided I could no longer continue to do any work with BP. This is what I said: ’I worked closely with senior leaders in BP for more than a decade, intent on helping them radically change course. That work came to an end when...
Climate change, Energy
30. 06. 2019
So who’d have thought it: solar power is good for biodiversity! Or, to be a little bit more accurate, ‘well-designed and well-managed’ solar parks are good for biodiversity. I know that as a result of reading the latest report from the Solar Trade Association...
Climate change, Energy
02. 06. 2019
This is going to be my last word on climate matters for a while – and only because I can’t stop myself thinking about what this country’s next Prime Minister will be doing to respond to Parliament’s newly-declared climate emergency. Worth dwelling on that...
30. 05. 2019
I’m pretty attuned to being on the receiving end of regular apocalypse-fixes. But even for me, Monday last week (20/5) was a tough one, with a new research report indicating that the worst case sea-level rise by 2100 has now been assessed at a possible two metres....
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