14. 03. 2016
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09. 12. 2019
As a former Director of Friends of the Earth, I can say with certain knowledge that FoE is an organisation that makes its fair share of mistakes – as much under my watch as under any of my successors. But I cannot recall anything as grotesquely absurd as its decision on...
11. 08. 2019
Unsurprisingly, the whole climate emergency debate is now working its way through Higher Education circles, here in the UK and internationally. In July, a new initiative was launched involving 25 different networks involved in Higher Education, with a view to getting as many...
Climate change
04. 07. 2019
I was asked recently about the point at which I decided I could no longer continue to do any work with BP. This is what I said: ’I worked closely with senior leaders in BP for more than a decade, intent on helping them radically change course. That work came to an end when...
Climate change, Energy
30. 06. 2019
So who’d have thought it: solar power is good for biodiversity! Or, to be a little bit more accurate, ‘well-designed and well-managed’ solar parks are good for biodiversity. I know that as a result of reading the latest report from the Solar Trade Association...
Climate change, Energy