14. 03. 2016
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26. 06. 2018
I really love it when what were once seen as completely wacky ideas cross that elusive threshold of credibility, and you suddenly find that everyone’s talking about them! And so it is with 3D Printing in the construction sector. For years, there have been little snippets...
27. 04. 2018
Richard Walker, MD of Iceland Foods, is a man on a mission to save the world’s rainforests. You can bet he felt really pleased with himself when his decision to ban the use of palm oil in Iceland’s own brands attracted a flurry of publicity a couple of weeks ago....
Retail, Sustainable Food
24. 04. 2018
When the biggest nuclear operator in the US says that the nuclear power industry in the US is, to all intents and purposes, DEAD, then we should probably take notice. Here are the relevant quotes from William von Hoene, Senior Vice-President and Chief Strategy Officer at Exelon...
20. 03. 2018
Just back from another trip to New Zealand – a different country from when I was last there a year ago, transformed as it is by a change of Government! To everyone’s surprise, the National Party failed to win enough seats in last year’s General Election to stay...
Climate change