18. 10. 2007

Carbon Free Homes

Readers may be interested in an article I wrote for Building Design:

“Compare Germany’s retrofit of its existing stock with our own seriously clunky energy commitment”

Why put a price on the priceless importance of carbon free homes?

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16. 11. 2007

Whilst I praise the objective of zero carbon homes, we nee to take care that we don't wreck the planet in trying to fix it. Like the rush to carbon neutral feuls has led to burning of rainforest in Kalimantan to plant bio-fuel palm, the rush for carbon neutral is likely to lead to tears too.

Carbon neutral must mean total life-cycle carbon neutral. Photovoltaics will not meet this criteria, neither will other forms of solar or wind power in much of the country. I wait with baited breath to see both wheteher and how it is acheived. Export the production carbon emissions to China?

I wonder will we ever be able to access total life-cycle carbon data for anything, I have looked but only encounter the usual nonesense that reminds me of the homework of 14 year old school childern.

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