03. 05. 2007

Arnie's at it again!

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The “Governator” has just regaled his Californian subjects with an illuminating insight into how to make sustainability work for all those cigar-chomping, beef-eating real men nervous about being seen as a wuss for wearing their green heart on their sleeve. Whatever else you do, don’t trade in your SUV or Hummer for one of those “puny” little Prius’s, just get them converted to run on biofuels and hydrogen.

He was quoted in last week’s News Week as follows: “God bless you if you like your little cars, but the real trick is to create engines that do not emit greenhouse gases. Take hydrogen. Total elimination. So you can 'pimp out' a dump truck”.

So now we know.

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15. 05. 2007
Ben Tuxworth

They say politics is showbiz for ugly people but with all the showbiz he can eat, Arnie's motivations are puzzling. Are Hummers Priuses for ugly people? Do his Californian constituents need unreconstituted macho as part of the manifesto (plus of course, flowers in their hair) or is it just his own insecurity coming out? Whatever. The thought that a hydrogen powered SUV has somehow lost its environmental impact is pretty special and makes me wonder if steroids may have shrunk the Schwarzenneger brain. I Haven't seen this kind of hydrogen mythology for ages.

On the other hand, having watched John Sergeant's efforts to explain climate change to SUV drivers on the telly last night, it does rather make you wonder how many people understand any of it. Plenty of work to do for the Government's 'Act on CO2' campaign (http://www.dft.gov.uk/ActOnCO2/) , which sadly I see the 86 users so far have judged to be 'poor'.

02. 07. 2007
Andrew Harmsworth

An extraordinary quote from a quite extraordinary politician! I think that the real trick is actually to remove combustion engines altogether and use something much less complicated: batteries and electric motors, such as those from PML Flightlink (http://www.pmlflightlink.com/ ).

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