10. 09. 2007
2007 marks the 20th Anniversary of the publication of “Our Common Future”, otherwise known as the Brundtland Report, and widely held to be the foundation document for whatever sustainable development means and amounts to today. Most people have forgotten just how big a deal...
SD History
07. 08. 2007
Just in case there’s anyone out there pining for the next posting, this is just to say there won’t be any – for the next three weeks! I’m off on holiday tomorrow, back at the end of August, and I really do try and keep holidays as holidays.
31. 07. 2007
On what must have been just about the only sunny day in July, I found myself last week enjoying the evening sunshine sitting outside a London pub with a group of equally sun-loving escapees from an exceptionally tedious conference. Eight tables outside, rapidly filling up, with...
30. 07. 2007
I’m in trouble with the NFU. Not my fault, it has to be said, but a no doubt wonderful organisation called the Redditch Vegetarians and Vegans has issued an ‘eco-poster’ directly attributing these words me: “You make a bigger contribution to stopping global warming by becoming...
Sustainable Food
27. 07. 2007
I live in Cheltenham, just down the road from Tewkesbury and Gloucester, both of which have been affected much more seriously than Cheltenham itself. It’s still bloody miserable for tens of thousands of people in the region, exacerbated by the fact that water supplies are...
Climate change