22. 10. 2007
Here's a short article about the paperback edition of my book Capitalism As If The World Matters, which launches today: 2007: the atmosphere warms up; the forests crash down; the poor of the world go on getting poorer; water resources in more than 30 countries are running dry;...
19. 10. 2007
Al Gore has finally (finally?!) declared that he’s absolutely not going to put himself forward as the Democratic presidential candidate. Thank God for that. The thought of Al reverting to his rather wooden, very risk-averse, not particularly friendly pre-2000 persona was an...
Climate change
18. 10. 2007
You might also be interested in this event at the RSA, where I'll be talking about my book, Capitalism as if the World Matters: Author Jonathon Porritt will be joined by Will Hutton, Stewart Wallis (executive director of the New Economics Foundation) and the BBC’s Environment...
18. 10. 2007
Readers may be interested in an article I wrote for Building Design: “Compare Germany’s retrofit of its existing stock with our own seriously clunky energy commitment” Why put a price on the priceless importance of carbon free homes?
Climate change, Housing
16. 10. 2007
What an intriguing contribution from Alan Johnson linking obesity and climate change, when he suggested that obesity could be at least as serious a problem by 2050 as we think climate change will be. Perhaps the Secretary of State for Health is softening us all up for a new...