14. 03. 2016
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21. 08. 2016
It doesn’t take long for the shine to go off a newly-appointed Prime Minister, does it? Yesterday’s obesity anti-strategy was a disgrace – and apparently all down to Theresa May herself, for fear of causing potential economic difficulties by stopping food...
04. 08. 2016
On Friday last week, within a few hours of Greg Clark (Secretary of State at the new Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) announcing that the UK Government would be reviewing the whole Hinkley Point situation, the Times came out with a thoroughly damning...
China, Energy, Government
26. 07. 2016
There’s one constant thread running through the post-Brexit chaos: if ever there was a time to bring people together to help transform our corrupted and dysfunctional political system, through some kind of progressive alliance, this has to be it. The depths plumbed through...
24. 07. 2016
To be honest, the last month has been just about the most depressing month in my whole political life, though I would probably have to admit to blanking a couple of Election results during that time! So there’s obviously only one way to deal with any residual blues: help...