14. 03. 2016
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26. 04. 2017
I can’t say I’ve been the biggest supporter of Earth Day over the years. Not really into formulaic anniversaries, especially when every day should be a bloody Earth Day as far as I’m concerned! But the most recent Earth Day (on Saturday) offered up a rich feast...
News, USA
24. 04. 2017
So, Theresa May has gone and done what any average, self-serving opportunistic politician would have done in a similar set of circumstances: forget ‘national interest’ and seize the moment to hammer an already divided and enfeebled Opposition. Who’s surprised...
21. 04. 2017
I found myself laughing rather too enthusiastically at a couple of jokes on last week’s Now Show (on Radio 4) about Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. Laughing in the face of the apocalypse may be a sound psychological survival strategy – or have I just become complacent...
Energy, Politics, USA
11. 04. 2017
It’s quite something to find myself in a country where nuclear power is even more of a basket case than it is in the UK – and that of course is the United States of America. Not yet dead, but struggling to find a reason to go on living. And absolutely no mystery...