14. 03. 2016
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22. 05. 2019
Today (22nd May) is the International Day for Biological Diversity – which I want to celebrate in the following way. You know those clocks that you see on websites like Population Matters: ‘Since you clicked onto this website, XXX babies have been born – sorry...
02. 05. 2019
What a fortnight! To have the utterly remarkable Greta Thunberg here in the UK for a couple of days was so inspiring. Her ‘truth to power’ take-down of UK parliamentarians, reducing the sanctimonious Michael Gove to the role of penitent schoolboy caught out in his...
22. 03. 2019
At the end of last year, I was fortunate enough to have a trip down to Antarctica, to look at some of the climate-related research work being done by Antarctica New Zealand, and part-funded by Air New Zealand, our principal Partner in New Zealand. It as an amazing experience,...
Climate change
20. 01. 2019
Were it not for blanket Brexit, smothering every other news item, I suspect there would have been a lot more coverage of the recent collapse of Hitachi’s nuclear pretensions here in the UK. And a lot more questioning about what the hell happens next – in terms of UK...