Equal Pay in the World of Sustainability?

I’ve spent my entire adult life working with others in the world of sustainability. And although there have inevitably been some ‘bad uns’ amongst them, it’s hard to imagine a better peer group to have been part of – by and large! So it’s always somewhat shocking to discover, on occasions, that…

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DECC – Getting it Right

When it comes to decisions regarding sustainable energy, spot the pattern here in terms of understanding DECC dynamics: - Anything that’s relatively small, focussed locally, doesn’t cost a lot of money, can be done without the Big Six being able to kill it off (though they might still slow it down…

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The Conservation Volunteers Has A New President!

So here’s a new thing in my life: I’ve just become President of The Conservation Volunteers (Press Release attached). Not completely new, mind you. I’ve been a Vice President for many years (when it was called The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers!), and have always been keen to support its…

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