Net Zero Without Nuclear: the Case Against Nuclear Power

Even as the prospects for nuclear power continue to decline, the industry is spending more and more money seeking to persuade Governments, commentators and ‘gullible greenies’ that we’re going to need new nuclear power to get us to a Net Zero economy by 2050. I’ve spent the last six months looking…

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Why I really didn’t like Bill Gates’s ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster’

So what are we to make of a guy who completely ignored climate change until 2006, only decided to ‘do more and speak out more’ in 2015, whilst continuing to invest huge sums of money in Big Oil and other carbon-intensive companies, has one of the most carbon-intensive lifestyles of any human being…

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2021: Make or Break For The UK’s Climate Strategy – instalment (C)

Both the Ten Point Plan and the Energy White Paper wax lyrical about the potential for CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage), using pretty much the same kind of language as Ministers and fossil fuel companies have been using since the mid-1990s when the technology was first deemed to be…

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