Build Back Fairer – and Healthier

First published by Forum tor the Future, 25th June 2020 | In the fifth of our Corporate Leadership in the Time of Corona series, Jonathon Porritt explores how intricately linked climate change and public health are, and the crucial need for business to play its part in ensuring we strengthen…

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Beyond COVID-10: Can Business Really ‘Build Back Better’?

First published by Forum for the Future, May 28, 2020 | The COVID-19 crisis is having a devastating impact – both in terms of lives lost and economic disruption. At Forum for the Future, we believe that it would be tragic to go back to yesterday’s “business-as-usual”; moments of radical disruption…

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The post-Paris scene, part 7: A Polluted Postscript

On my last morning in Abu Dhabi, looking out of the window of one of this bewildering city’s multiple high-rise hotels, I watched a blanket of sea mist flooding in across the city until all was engulfed. As it cleared away, over the next hour or so, a brown toxic haze took its place all along the…

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