This is my own personal website, and everything on it is here to help illustrate the breadth of all the work I do in the world of sustainability.

I’ve been in that world for a very long time (having joined the Green Party in the summer of 1974), but I genuinely can’t recall ever feeling the same intense combination of despair and hope!

After nearly 50 years of non-stop activism and advocating both for environmental sustainability and for social justice, I’m more persuaded now than ever that this is our time.

Hope often seems very fragile against such a disaster-strewn backdrop, but it still permeates my life as an incorrigible advocate of a solutions agenda that gets more and more substantive by the day.

But I’m grateful I still have such a diverse portfolio – not least to give full rein to my campaigning instincts (working against the insanity of nuclear power and nuclear weapons, for instance, or in support of progressive family planning, electoral reform and a host of other critical causes). And I remain a Member of the Green Party, as well as being Chancellor Keele University, which is a real privilege.

I know I’ve said this before, but I can’t help but think we’re nearing an inflection point – ecologically, politically and economically. So there are some very turbulent times ahead!’

Forum For The Future

As Founder Director of Forum for the Future, this remains my principal organisational base.

As Founder Director of Forum for the Future, this remains my principal organisational base.

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